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Renting vs Home Ownership

When deciding whether the time is right for you to rent or to purchase a home, be careful to consider all the options prior to making a decision.

Get professional advice, ask people you know that have been successful in real estate about their experience.

Here are some things to consider:


  • You build your Landlord's Wealth

  • Your monthly payment is likely to increase

  • You may be limited in what you can customize in your home

  • You will likely pay rent, fees, and a security deposit.


  • You build your own wealth

  • Your monthly payment is locked in

  • You have the freedom to customize your living space

  • You will likely owe a down payment and closing costs

Do your research! Then make up your own mind.

Thinking of getting into the market? Let's chat I can connect you with local professionals, give me a call!


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