First Home Buyer (COACHING)

As a first home buyer getting into the market it was very reassuring to consult with Renay about buying my first property. She is knowledgeable on all fronts (legislation, associated costs, loans & property) which was exceedingly helpful for me to get a grasp of everything involved in purchasing a property.


I would highly recommend Renay to anyone who is interested in getting everything in place to buy a property and to buyers who would like expert guidance navigating through the buying process. She has a friendly and positive attitude and her advice is founded on real life experience as an investor, agent and vendor in the region.

- Mr F. Sommers


Vendors Advocate (SOLD)

When we sold our home with Renay of Ren Mac Agent as our vendor's advocate, Renay provided genuinely balanced advice about what works typically should be done to prepare our home for sale versus what we could realistically afford.

With Renay as our vendor's advocate she kept our real estate agent on their toes, accountable and working hard to sell our home. Whatever advice we needed, Renay in the vendor's advocate capacity was able to provide or she was able to recommend a high-quality professional with whom she has had personal experience with.


Renay is working with the very best in Real Estate Sales in the Geelong Area.

- Ursula & Michael

Buyers Agent (PURCHASE)

Post divorce, I was on the right track buying my first home. However, as a professional and a mum, I was time poor and needed guidance & support.  During the buying process Renay helped me tick all the boxes and when I was ready; purchased my much loved dream home; at an auction in Melbourne. 

The property attracted a big crowd at auction. I could not of been a bidder myself. I was too emotional - I loved the house. We bought within budget and I was never more relieved and excited in my life! I highly recommend Renay as your Buyer Agent. Renay is supportive,stoic, strategic and nothing short of a strong presence when bidding at auction. This lady gets the job done. Renay saved me time and money. Her fee schedule is reasonable especially compared to large Buyer agencies so do consider RENMAC AGENT PROPERTY CONSULTANT when buying your home. Thanks Renay the kids and I love our new home. 

 - Ms C


Vendor Advocate (SOLD) & Buyers Agent (PURCHASE)

My son who lives interstate, organised Renay as my Vendor advocate to help support me through the transition of downsizing.

Selling our family home was daunting as my partner had recently passed away. Renay was a much-needed support to me during this process. Renay explained each stage of the selling process to me as we went along.

Renay also helped me find a lovely new unit within my budget. I felt supported and had full confidence in her abilities as my representative. I highly recommend Renay to assist you too.

- Mrs D McKenna



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