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We offer you an initial consultation with our compliments

Let's open a discussion of what your property needs are. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and market trends. We explain our process and what is included in our services. Renay is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent (registered in Victoria & Queensland).​ We have an open & transparent fee schedule.

Community Concierge 

We believe that customer service shouldn't stop once you buy. New residents to an area often need advice if things pop up. There is nothing more valuable than access to local knowledge. We help out until you get to know the area & help you build connections in your new community.

Being connected = Renay has access to reliable and professional tradespeople in Geelong, The Bellarine, Ballarat & Melbourne.


Renay's network reach is extensive. We are happy to share our contacts with Clients.


These are businesses we have employed to conduct maintenance on local real estate investments. They are reliable & suitably qualified. We do not get paid a referral fee for any recommendation to a local business or service.

*Please note; no responsibility of service of this provider lays with the Buyers Agent, it is simply a recommendation.


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