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Why use a Property Consultant?

You may already be experiencing issues with real estate transactions. Perhaps your property is on the market and hasn't sold?


Are you butting heads with your sales agent? Do you want an honest appraisal of what your home is worth PRIOR to going to market?

Let's open a discussion of what your property needs are. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and market trends.

Renay is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent (registered in Victoria & Queensland) with an extensive reach.

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Having been through it myself I understand the pressure & conflict that comes with being an executor of a deceased estate. The responsibilities of getting a property ready for sale then engaging a sales agent can be an added pressure at the most inconvenient time - whilst you're grieving a loss.

Here's the positive aspect you don't need to do it all by yourself - I am here to help.

As a fully licensed agent with a background in welfare I offer a Vendor advocate service that exercises a compassionate approach by offering support & project management of the estate property for sale whilst keeping you up to date every step of the way. From start to finish I can manage the entire process from engaging trades to attend to maintenance to hiring the best sales agent for the location & type of property. All you need to do is reach out - I have the skills to help you through this difficult task whilst helping you maintain relationships at the same time.


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*Due & payable in full prior to engagement of the Property Consultant.