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New Years' Resolutions

If your 2020 goal is to buy an investment property - then read on!

Trend predictions for this year suggest that regional areas will make the better choice for investment.

Geelong & Ballarat have already proven themselves as solid locations for property investors.

If this is your first investment property you need to know it's not just about purchasing within budget, you need to attract a tenant to your property.

Think about it - Your future tenant is going to be paying off your Mortgage.

Here are 5 elements I look for when considering a residential property purchase strictly as an investment.

  1. Affordability = look regionally

  2. Is there Price growth in the area

  3. Lifestyle choices for your future tenant, parks,shopping,transport.

  4. Employment opportunities

  5. Infrastructure -planned works/development.


Above all - DO your due dilligence folks - it's your money and your responsibility.

I'm always happy to chat real estate, give me a call!


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