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Price it Right and it Sells Overnight

WHY hasn't my property sold yet?

Often it's because VENDORS believe their property is worth more than the MARKET dictates.

The market dictates what your property is worth.

The Sales agent who conducts the appraisal wants their client to sell at the best price.

However the sales agent can only go off current market trends & sales results in that area.

Vendors often get frustrated or disappointed because they want more money when the fact is the property is not worth it. It's a hard thing to hear.

I recently conducted an independent appraisal for a Vendor who has this issue. My appraisal came in at current market trends which as it happens was the same as the sales agent.

Overcapitalizing is a common problem.

VENDORS assume because they have spent more money on a property it must be worth more right?


The market dictates what your property is truly worth - so start listening.

If you price it right it sells overnight. If you price it too high, it will sit on the market for a long time.

I offer an independent appraisal service so if you are unsure why your property hasn't sold yet, I will give my honest professional opinion and advice on the next steps you should take to get your property SOLD.... call me. (*Fee for service applies)


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