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Contact Agent.

Hmmm. It's never a good sign when I see this pop up on real estate sales listings.

What exactly does 'Contact Agent' mean?

It usually means the Sales Agent has appraised the property, however the Vendor disagrees on the listing price.

The easiest way to fix that is to not list a price and put 'Contact agent'. Unfortunately it sends a message that the Vendor is difficult to deal with, believes their property is worth more than the current market dictates and has no faith in their sales agent.

Not a win-win.

However, it does give Buyers Agents an advantage if they have the patience to wait out a difficult campaign.

VENDORS who work against their sales agent usually end up hiring another sales agent after the first campaign belly flops (until the penny drops) and they agree on a reduction and post a listing price.

By that point the property is tired over exposed and leaves an impression that it's a lemon!

If you hire a real estate professional take their advice. Listen or risk sending the wrong message to your future buyer.


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