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Renay's ability to engage the audience from the moment she stepped on stage was truly commendable. Her captivating presence and commanding voice effortlessly drew everyone's attention, setting the tone for an engaging and memorable experience. She had a remarkable knack for connecting with the audience, making each person feel seen and valued. Renay's enthusiasm and passion for the event's purpose were palpable. She went above and beyond to understand the goals and values of GWBC, infusing her hosting duties with a genuine commitment to empowering women in business. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and it created an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation for all attendees. Overall, Renay's performance as the MC host of the GWBC event was nothing short of outstanding. Her energy, professionalism, and ability to engage and connect with the audience created an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. I would highly recommend Renay for any event requiring an exceptional MC host who can bring life, enthusiasm, and a genuine connection to the stage.

 - Merrin Schnabel (GWBC Founder)

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Renay is proud to announce her charity partner for the 2023/2024 year .


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